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ERP FICO is famously known as ERP finance and control. FICO is not a sovereign module of ERP but it is a mixture of ERP FI and ERP CO modules of ERP R/3. The ERP FI Module is associated with accounting and finance, whereas the CO module agreement with price and income for the idea of planning, reporting, and examining the functions of a company.

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As ERP modules have operated of real-time and are instantly modified whenever new activities happen, one can evaluate the economic position of a company immediately as a comparison to traditional systems where there is no real-time process by means of the FI section. This helps in taking much better choices and ideal planning.

The Financial Accounting and Control (FICO) module in ERP is designed to detain company's dealings in a way that will fulfil outside reporting requirements. Local legal considerations are pre-delivered with the process and the skills to deal with and papers on several organisations in several nations with several currencies is a part of the normal utility. Development with income and allowance, buying and materials supervision allows for the ability to choose any financial deal and 'Drill Down' to the accessible transaction whether it is a purchase order, sales order or material association.

The litheness of the finance device business structure provides the module with the ability to deal with any financial condition. Be it a small company with a single legal entity or a big company with various organisations, consolidations and different law, the FI module can maintain and computerise most financial postings and reporting.

FICO ERP Training at Stucorner

Stucorner provides the best SAP FICO Training with most knowledgeable experts. Our Instructors are working in SAP FICO and related technology for more years in MNC’s.
We aware of market needs and we are providing SAP FICO Training in more realistic way. Our group of SAP FICO instructors provides SAP FICO in Classroom training, SAP FICO Online Training and SAP FICO Business Training services.
We created our curriculum to go with the real world requirements for both beginner levels to advanced level. Our training will be managed in either weekday or weekends programme relies on participants need. We do offer Fast-Track SAP FICO Training and One-to-One SAP FICO Training.
Here are the major subjects we cover under this SAP FICO course Syllabus Cash and Bank Accounting, General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Payable, Asset Accounting, Accounts Receivable, SAP FI Consultant Level, Master Records, Controlling Area, Profit Centre Accounting, Cost Element. Every topic will be protected in the mostly realistic way with examples.

Providing certification oriented SAP FICO Training

We are the best Training Institution provides certification oriented SAP FICO Training. Our participants will be allowed to clear all type of discussions at end of our classes. We are building a group of SAP FICO instructors and participants for their future help and support in the topic. Our training will be targeted on supporting in placements as well. We have individual HR group experts who will take care of all your meeting needs. Our SAP FICO Training Course Charges is very average in comparison to others.